Complete: short one-way bike path                                

A 1m-wide bike lane on part of Grey Street means people can ride both ways between Featherston Street and Customhouse Quay.

Complete: covered bike parking rack

The covered bike parking area in Grey Street has space for 59 bikes in a Dutch two-tier rack (next to the public shower and toilets).

Learn how to use the upper level of the bike rack

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Project approval

The feedback period on the traffic changes (resolutions) related to the bike parking proposal was 25 July to 11 August 2017.

Councillors approved the proposal on 14 September 2017.

Read the traffic resolution report that went out for consultation.

Why this solution

Providing safe and convenient bike parking is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to encourage more people to cycle. 

The short section of bike path means people can ride both ways on Grey Street between Featherston Street and Customhouse Quay, and connect with the one-way path through Post Office Square.

These are part of a series of changes to improve connections and make it safer and easier for people to get places in the central city by bike. 

Incremental changes like these – combined with the more substantial changes planned as part of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project – will together help create a better cycling network.

Central city

See the improvements we're considering for the central city. Following public consultation, some of these changes have been completed.

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